IEP offers fully- financed roof-top solar installation, subject to payment guarantee by a Power Purchasing Agreement in which power is sold to you at a competitive rate compared to utility price. At the expiry of the PPA, ownership of the PV solar system is transferred to you at zero cost. We offer a variety of pricing solution which is customised to suit your own business nature and requirements.

Our unit price is all-in cost, including O&M charge, technical insurance against the system being faulty and Renewable Attributes (RECs) for all power produced.

A full turn-key EPC contract will be awarded to an experienced EPC Contractor with international highest standard and guaranteed quality. The EPC Contractor is also expected to carry out the O&M of the plant for the entirely of the contract

There are different rules governing sales of excess power to the grid in different countries

RTS Model
  • Rooftop solar on your own roof
  • Zero CAPEX Investment
  • Fixed tariff in USD starting below current utility tariffs or fixed discount to local retail
  • Period of 20 years
  • Free hand-over of system at end of contract period with system efficiency of ~ 90%
  • Can be sold to utility grid in some countries, e.g. Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.
  • Highest standard and quality guaranteed with international EPC
  • Technical insurance against the system being faulty
  • Renewable Attributes for all power produced


Please let us know what we can do for you and Indochina Energy Partner’s sales team will be in touch shortly!