On June 28th and 29th First View Group hosted the online, annual Vietnam Solar Week.

Thomas Jakobsen spoke on the topic of Direct Power Purchasing Agreements, that seem to be drawing nearer becoming Vietnamese law after the second draft of the legislation came out on May 9th and enter a 2-month consultation period.

Indochina Energy Partners expects that many Power Generators and Off-takers will be dismayed at the changes but given our experience we are fully confident that top-tier projects are still feasible under both model 1 (from 2019) and model 2 (from 2022).

Given that the Power Development Plan 8 also seems to be close to being finalized (needing to remove many LNG projects) there is optimism that the DPPA can soon be launched and thereby offer the opportunity for 100% clean energy to private Off-takers in Vietnam

Thank you to Franck from Constant Energy for moderating the webinar.